Reviewed By You

Hey Everyone! There’s a lot Cool things will comes to Club Penguin Soon, And One of the Upcoming Updates is the New Snow And Sport Catalog. And there will be three Colors Teams of the New Snow And Sport Catalog, The Colors of the Teams are Red, Blue and Green.

In the Last Reviewed By You Post, The Question was about Club Penguin’d really love to know What’s the sport you like to play most with your buddies on the island? And there’s was a lot of Awesome Answers and Reviewed, The Club Penguin Team has Choose One of Awesome Reviewed, And it’s was Written by Avril51.. Here’s what Avril51:

I love playing ice hockey at the rink! It’s really fun playing it with my buddies. We are always on the red team, but the blue team rocks too! It’s also fun watching and cheering both teams on! Rock on CP!
Thanks a lot Avril51 and Awesome Review! The New Snow And Sport Catalog will comes out Tomorrow, And when you look through the telescope you’ll see Rockhopper’s Migrator’s is Coming to Club Penguin Island. And for this Week’s Question, What’s the most awesome thing you ever remember Rockhopper bringing? But don’t forget, You can Only write less than 75 words for the Reviewed By You Comment! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the New Reviewed By You Question and what’s Avril51 said? Comment what do you think about it all, Waddle on!


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