New Pin Hidden And New Snow And Sport Catalog

Hey Everyone! Today, There’s a New Club Penguin’s Updates.. And there’s also a lot of Club Penguin’s Upcoming Events is coming to Club Penguin so Soon.  And One of the Best Day in Club Penguin is September 4th.

One of the Club Penguin Today’s Updates is the New Pin Hidden! There’s a New Pin Hidden in Club Penguin. And the Club Penguin’s Pin is Changes Every Two Weeks.. And The New Pin Called the Koi Fish Pin, And the Koi Fish Pin is in the Cove:
And there’s a New Snow And Sport Catalog today! Club Penguin Community Blog has talked about the New Snow And Sport Catalog a lot. But the New Snow And Sport Catalog, There’s no Hidden Items in the New Snow And Sport Catalog. Here’s a Pic of the New Catalog:
And that’s all for the New Club Penguin’s Updates! In September 4th, There’s a lot of Updates in this Day.. Rockhopper’s Coming to Club Penguin, New Penguin Style Catalog And the Fall Fair Party! I can’t wait for this Day. Now, You can Find Rockhopper’s Migrator’s in the telescope in it Way to Club Penguin, And you can also find Some of the Fall Fair Decorations and Boxes in the Lighthouse and there’s a New Club Penguin’s login page for the Fall Fair. And that’s all for Now, What do you think about the New Updates? Waddle on!


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