Rockhopper’s Coming

Hey Everyone! In this Friday, There going to be a lot of Awesome Updates! The Fall Fair Party will be ready in this Friday! And there’s a New Penguin Style is coming also to Club Penguin in this Friday! And the Best thing ever is that Captain Rockhopper’s coming this Friday.

Captain Rockhopper’s coming to Club Penguin this Friday! And the Captain is getting closer to Club Penguin’s Island. And Now, Rockhopper’s Migrator has spotted in the telescope from the last Friday! And he will Arrive to Club Penguin in this Friday, In the Fall Fair Party! Here’s a Pic of Rockhopper’s Migrator’s Captain’s Quarters:
And The Club Penguin Team loves the Island when Rockhopper’s here because there’s always Buzz all over the Island about Meeting Captain Rockhopper! Checking out his Rare Items Catalog, And playing the Treasure Hunt Game in his Boat. It’s inside the Migrator’s Captain’s Quarters! Sound Great! And that’s for Now.. What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the Items that Rockhopper will brings them with him? Waddle on!


4 Responses

  1. I can’t wait ’til Friday! And also I can’t wait for the Rare Items Catalog and the Penguin Style Catalog! Comment what do you think about it all

  2. Hi, there is a party being re scheduled at
    love your site, its just a notice!
    pokelover tor and pokelover harley
    we are pokemon lovers!!!
    Please come to the party your site is sweet!

  3. I cant wait for Friday either! Dude I love your site and I know you work for monchocho. I have a favor could you please me my site author for me? Or designer? Your work is awesome.

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    Roucky3: Hey! Thanks a lot, I would really love to Work in your Site, But I can’t ’cause I have to Update 6 Sites! I will tell you if I can do this!

  4. Could you work for me if I give u a coin code?

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