You Decide: Halloween Background

Hey Everyone! In the Last You Decide Post was about was about choosing a Furniture Item for the Better Igloos Catalog September Issue, And there was a lot of Awesome Items, And the Club Penguin Team’s always trying to Make the Things you Want, And there’s a New Post of You Decide Posts.

The Club Penguin Team is Working on the October Penguin Style Halloween Edition Catalog! And the Club Penguin Team’re need your help to decide which Player Card Background to use for the Halloween! And Club Penguin is need your Help to Vote for a Background from these Backgrounds:
The Winner Background will be on the Penguin Style Halloween Edition on October! And if you’d like to Vote, You have to Visit Club Penguin What’s New Community Blog or Click here to Vote! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Updates? Comment what do you think, Waddle on!


One Response

  1. All of the Background are Cool, But I voted for Ghostly Grin! It’s Pretty Cool! What did you voted for? Comment what do you think

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