New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets, Rockhopper And The Fall Fair Party

Hey Everyone! It’s September 4th, And this Day is One of the Best Days in Club Penguin! There’s a New Penguin Style Catalog, Captain Rockhopper has docked in the Beach Today, And the Best thing it’s the Fall Fair Party, It’s here Now.

There’s a New Penguin Style Catalog at the Gift Shop, It’s the Penguin Style Catalog September Issue! It’s got a lot of New Items and Cool Items, And my Favourite Item in the New Penguin Style Catalog is the Laptop, There’s not a lot of Hidden Items in this Catalog! Whatever, Here’s the New Penguin Style Catalog Hidden Items:

Click on the Laptop Mouse, Under the Penguin who’s holding the Laptop.. To get the Black Bowtie:
Click on the on the Gray Part, Inside the Piano.. To get the Red Viking Helmet:
Open and Close the Gray Part, Inside the Piano 4 Times.. To get the Blue Viking Helmet:
Captain Rockhopper is in Club Penguin Now, You can find his Ship the Migrator in the Beach! And this time, Captain Rockhopper has Brings with him Some Cool and Very Rare Items, The Items that Rockhopper brings them are: Winged Viking Helmet, Monocle, Fuzzy Viking and Toy Giraffe. Here’s a Pic of the Rockhopper’s Rare Items Catalog:
The Fall Fair is here, The Club Penguin Island is Celebrate for the Fall Fair! There a lot of Games in the New Fall Fair, The Games are: Puffle Shuffle, Feed A Puffle, Puffle Paddle, Memory Game and Ring The Bell! There’s Not a lot of Fall Fair Games, But the Fall Fair Party is Awesome! Here’s a Pic of the Fall Fair Party:
There’s 2 Prize Booths in the Fair, One for Member and one For Non Members, For the Members Prize Booths is at the Cove, In The Great Puffle Circus. And there’s a lot of Cool Items in it, There’s a Background, Igloo, Teddy Bear and an Awesome Costume:
And for the Non Members there’s also an Awesome Items, There’s a Pin, Background and Two Cool Hats, But there’s More Items is Coming to the Non Members Prize Booth! Keep checking the Non Members Prize Booth for More Prizes, Here’s a Pic of the Non Members Prize Booths:
And that’s all for the New Awesome Club Penguin’s Updates! I’m really Sorry fro late! I was Away today, But don’t forget to Search and Meet Rockhopper, And don’t forget to Visit The Great Puffle Circus, Because it’s really Awesome! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Awesome Updates? What do you think about Fall Fair 2009? Comment what do you think about it all, Waddle on!


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    All you have to do is go on this post and comment saying Kybird brought you here!

    And for the ppl who do comment I will hold a Private CONTEST for an EPF PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Kybird

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