Rockhopper Tracker In Roucky3 Twitter

Hey Everyone! The Fall Fair is going Awesome this Year, There’s a lot of New Prizes, Games and More! And there’s also a New Room, The Great Puffle Circus! And it’s for Member Only! But there’s a lot of awesome things and Stuff for Non Members in the Fall Fair.

It’s seems that it’s so Hard to find Captain Rockhopper, I have decide to create a Rockhopper Tracker to help you to Find Captain Rockhopper. But this Tracker isn’t in my Site.. It’s in my Twitter Page! And my Rockhopper Tracker is going Awesome and Help a lot of People, Check out this one:
That’s Tweets from Chrisdog93! And check out these Tweets in Chrisdog93 Twitter Page. Whatever, All you have to do is Create an Account in Twitter, Then go to and  Follow me in Twitter and Check my Tweets to know where’s Rockhopper is Now, Just click in Follow Button below my Picture and you’ll Follow me:
And when you find Captain Rockhopper, You will receive a Special Gift from Captain Rockhopper when you click in Add Buddy Button in the Captain Player Card! You’ll get an Background with Rockhopper Picture and Rockhopper Autograph! Here’s my Penguin with Rockhopper Autograph:
And that’s all for Now.. Go to Twitter and Follow me now to find Captain Rockhopper and meet him and get Rockhopper’s Awesome Background, Go to and Follow me in my Twitter page! And that’s all for Now.. Don’t forget to tell your Friend to Follow me in Twitter else! Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Roucky3! I was just wondering if you could add me to your blogroll. If you add me as “Club Penguin Cheats,” leave a comment on my blog and I will add you as well. Thanks!

  2. I am on server tundra.

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