New Pin Hidden, The Penguins That Time Forgot Play, New Fall Fair Prizes, New Penguin Tales And New Penguin Mail Post Cards

Hey Everyone! There’s a lot of Awesome Updates and New are here Today in Club Penguin Island. There’s New Pin Hidden, New Prehistoric Play at the Stage, It’s the Penguin That Time Forget, There’s a New Awesome Fall Fair Prizes to win by Earn Tickets, There’s a New Penguin Tales Book and there’s a New Awesome Postcards.

There’s a New Pin Hidden in Club Penguin, The 101 Days Of Fun will Ends in September 12! Club Penguin has made an Awesome thing to make the 101 Days Of Fun to stay in the Island, Club Penguin has made a Pin with 101 Days Of Fun Pics, It’s the 101 Days Of Fun Pin, And it’s Located at the Pizza Parlor:
The Penguin That Time Forget Play is at the Stage Now, And this Play haven’t won any Prizes at the Penguin play Awards, But this Play got some Cool Performance, Because it’s take Club Penguin to a Thousand Years ago to the Dinosaurs, Cave Penguins. There’s a New Costume Trunk Catalog:
There are not a lot of Secrets and Hidden Items in the New Costume Trunk Catalog, But there’s Only One New Secret Hidden Items. Well, Here’s the Penguin That Forget Time Play Costume Trunk Catalog Hidden Items:

Click On The Letter G In the Penguin That Forget Time, Forgot Word.. To get the Grass Skirt:
There’s also an Updates for the Fall Fair Party.. When the Fall Fair Party starts, And when you go to the Prizes Booths to win Prizes with the Tickets that you’ve won them by Playing Games. It’s said that there’s More Prizes Are Coming, And Now there’s a New Prizes in the Prizes Booths, For the Non Members Penguins, There’s One New Prizes, It’s the Striped Hat:
And for the Members Penguin, There’s some Awesome and Cool Prizes in the Prizes Booth at the Circus Entrance to the Great Puffle Circus, The New Member Prizes are Moustache and Candy Stand.. A Furniture Item:
There’s a New Penguin Tales Book at the Book Room, It’s the Penguin Tales Volume 3! And it’s got some Cool And Awesome! The Penguin Tales is a Writing Contest, Book Room Writing Contest that everyone in the Island can write to Club Penguin when the Contest is available in Club Penguin Island, Here’s a Pic of the New Penguin Tales Volume 3 Book:
And Finally, There’s a New Postcards are available now to send them to your Buddies and Friends, The New Postcards are Find the Pin, Re-Decorate Igloo, Puffle Performance and Penguin Time Forgot. Here’s a Pic of the New Postcards:
And that’s all for the New Awesome Club Penguin Updates! Don’t forget to Earn Tickets and win the New Fall Fair Prizes, The Fall Fair Party will ends at September 13. And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Awesome Club Penguin Updates? What do you think about the New Play and the New Fall Fair Prizes? Comment what do you think about it all, Waddle on!


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  1. youre gonna get 20000 hits
    cool going
    hope i was back 😦

  2. I am curious. Is your name Mohammed?

  3. Fabulously valid posting this expose to show that I seize your blog daily.

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