New Club Penguin Furniture Sneak Peek

Hey Penguins! The Halloween is coming to Club Penguin Island, And It’s time to get ready for the Halloween and get the island ready for Halloween too! There’s still much More for the Halloween, There’s a New Better Igloos Catalog is coming out to Club Penguin Island this Friday. And there’s more Updates are coming soon for the Halloween Party at Club Penguin Island Soon.

To get ready for Club Penguin Halloween, You’ll need to Decorate and Design your Igloo with some of the Halloween Items for your Igloo. This Friday, There’s going to be a New Better Igloos Furniture Catalog, It’s will got some of the Halloween Decorations and Items for the Halloween! Here’s a Sneak Peek for an Item at the New Better Igloos Furniture Catalog:
There’s also going to be a Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest, And you can read about the Halloween Igloo Decorating at the Club Penguin Times. There’s a little New Update for the Contests at Club Penguin. In your Igloo, There’s going to be a Submit Button at the Up Right in your Igloo. When you’ve done of Design your Igloo for the Contest, You have to Click this Button to let the Judges know that your Igloo is ready.. It’s will be at your Igloo starting From October 16, This Friday. And that’s all for Now.. What do you  think about the New Updates? What do you think about the New Sneak Peek? Comment what do you think about it all, Waddle on and Have Fun!


3 Responses

  1. It’s look like a Gate.

  2. hmm it’s a gate. buy the Igloo with the grass and put a gate between the grass and floor

    • Yes, It’s some How like that.

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