Reviewed By You

Hey Everyone! From the Stormy Sky to the Cob Webbed Igloos..The Halloween is here at Club Penguin Island Now! You can Find a lot of Spooky Stuff all over Club Penguin Island.. But There’s a lot of Cool things will comes to Club Penguin Soon! Even if the Halloween is Ends and all theis Stuff has Gone, There’s New Awesome Things and Stuff are Coming to Club Penguin Island Soon.

In the Last Reviewed By You Post, The Question was about what you were most excited about? And there were a lot of Awesome Answers and Reviewed, The Club Penguin Team has Choose One of Awesome Reviewed about the Reviewed By You Question, And it’s was Written by  Gems I Need.. Here’s what Gems I Need:
I am most excited for seeing all the costumes on the night of Halloween. I like seeing all the crazy combinations like a ladybug and a wizard, or a very silly looking ghost. I also like the yearly (I think) candy hunt. The prizes are very cool.

Thanks a lot Gems I Need and Awesome Review! And for this Week’s Question, Club Penguin’s love to know the What do you think is going about the Active Volcano in the Dojo Courtyard? But don’t forget, You can Only write less than 75 words for the Reviewed By You Comment! And the Best Review, The Penguin who wrote it will get 10,000 Coins for his Penguin! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the New Reviewed By You Question and what’s Gems I Need said? Comment what do you think about it all, Waddle on!


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  2. Really i have to give you a coin code I never go into town anymore hardly! I will try!
    Also maybe you could add the header and not me!
    So ill make you an an author to do tht Bye!

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