Club Penguin Nov/Dec 2009 Better Igloos & Igloo Upgrades Cheats

Hey guys! After a LONG time of waiting, the Igloo Catalogs are here! Winter is almost here, and Club Penguin is preparing us for the cold season!
~~~~~~~~~~Igloo Upgrades November & December 2009~~~~~~~~~~

There is 1 new igloo, and that is the Snowy Backyard igloo! Perfect for winter fun outside, and inside! Also the Gingerbread House & Snow Globe igloos are back.
~~~~~~~~~~Better Igloos November & December 2009~~~~~~~~~~

Click on the Modern Chair to get the Coat Rack
Click on the Large Aquarium to get the Shoe Rack
Click the Fort to get the Fireplace
Click on the Snow Fortress Wall to get the Icicles

-Skaterjessie, DJ Club Penguin Cheats President

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