Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire Video, Rockhopper’s Coming And December Members Events

Hey Everyone! There’s a lot of Updates with the New Game at the Dojo, The Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire. And there’s a lot of Updates for this Awesome New Game… There’s also a lot of Updates around the Island for the Christmas Events and Stuff, Rockhopper’s coming and Awesome Updates and Events for the Member Penguins.

When you go to the Dojo Courtyard, You’ll find a Video Player at the right on the Dojo Courtyard. And when you click on it, It’s will Open a Small Screen. The Video is about the Card-Jitsu Fire, Card-Jitsu Fire Club Instructions and how to Play the Card-Jitsu Fire Game on the Fire Dojo. You can watch the Video by Clicking on the Video Camera that on the Ground:

The Good of this Month is the Christmas Party, Coins for Change and Rockhopper’s Coming! Captain Rockhopper will arrives to Club Penguin Island at December 11! And when go to the Beacon and look through the Telescope… You will see Rockhopper’s Ship, the Migrator in it Way to Club Penguin Island! Here’s how can you see Rockhopper’s through the Migrator:

 There’s a lot of Awesome Events for the Member Penguins around Club Penguin Island! Club Penguin has Updated a New Member Events List for December at Club Penguin Island. Club Penguin has realised a New Member Events for December… And it’s got a lot of Cool Events that are Coming to Club Penguin Island! Here’s the New Member Events:

  • Discover a sleigh adventure in this month’s Christmas Party!
  • Get creative with new outfits, And there’s new furniture too… Just in time for the igloo contest!
  • Explore the Migrator and find rare surprises in Rockhopper’s catalog!
  • Access the Fire Dojo and continue your ninja journey by playing Card-Jitsu fire!

And that’s all for the Now Updates around Club Penguin Island… It’s Seems that there’re a lot of Awesome and New Updates and Events that are coming to Club Penguin Island on December… Sound Cool for Cool for Club Penguin Christmas! And that for Now… What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about Club Penguin Christmas this Year’s going to be? Comment and let me know, Waddle on and Have Fun!


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    (~Double Mvp~)

  2. Hi, I think you need some help with your CSS? I can help you if you like? Just comment back on my site.

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