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  • About Hey! Roucky3 is My Penguin in Club Penguin. I go in Club Penguin Every Day. My Favorite Club Penguin's Servers are Frozen Server and Sleet Server. I always Update my Site with the New Updates, And Sometimes if I haven’t Update my Site my Site Authors Update it! I'm a Boy. Hope you like my Site and Please Comment and let me know what do you think about my Site.
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About Roucky3

Hey! This is Roucky3! My Penguin Name Called Roucky3. I’m 12 Years Old, I’m a Boy! I play Club Penguin Often Everyday! My Penguin was Created in March, 13th 2007! I found Club Penguin from Miniclip Games, In the Hot Games Corner! When the First Time I logged in Club Penguin, I didn’t know what I have to do and What’s Club Penguin is! I just were Waddling around the Island! Then I’ve went to the Pizza Parlor and played the Pizzatron 3000 Game And that was my First Game in Club Penguin! Then I’ve started Understanding what’s Club Penguin! My first Item the I’ve took it in Club Penguin’s was Rockhopper’s life jacket, it’s was in the Beach in Rockhopper’s Safe Boat! And my First Pin is That I took it was the Row Boat Pin, It’s was in the Lighthouse. I wasn’t Member in this Time, I’ve been Member for 1 Year ‘til Now! My Favourite Servers in Club Penguin are: Frozen Server, Mammoth Server and Sleet Server! And my Favourite Places are the Town and the Ninja Hideout. If you want to meet me in Club Penguin just Comment in this Page with the Time, Day, Server and Place! And that’s all for Now.. I think that’s Enough about me, Thanks.

About Club Penguin

Imagine a Snow Covered wonderland populated by Colorful, Animated Penguins. A virtual playground where millions of children from around the Globe Gather to interact with Friends, Play Games and let their Imaginations Soar. That’s Club Penguin! Club Penguin is A member of the Disney Interactive Media Group, Provides One of the Largest and Fastest Growing Virtual Worlds for Children. Club Penguin is free to Use and Enjoy, However a Subscription Membership provides access to Additional Features that Enhance the Play Experience. In Club Penguin, You can Chat with friends, Join an Ice Hockey Game or don a Costume and take the Leading role in the latest Stage Play! And now kids can take the fun and creativity of Club Penguin offline with a range of consumer products that bring to life the characters and environments found in their favorite, Snow Covered World. The Club Penguin Virtual World, Which Contains no Third Party Advertising, Works to Provide a Fun and Safe Online experience through the use of Filtering and Live Moderators. Club Penguin is Headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and Maintains Operations in Brighton, England, Sydney, Australia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


32 Responses

  1. hi roucky what do you use to take the pics? plz tell me

    • Hey Trjkghisawsome!
      I use Alt & Print Screen.

  2. Hi again roucky!thx for telling me.Oh and can u put me on your blogroll and ill put u on mine? Thanks 😀

    • Hey!
      I can, But can you tell me your blog?

  3. Sure.It’s trjkghghisawsome.wordpress.com

    • Ok

  4. i dont see my site on your blogroll

    • Sorry!
      But I was to busy, You will see it soon 🙂

  5. Roucky Ur an admin on my site!! 😉

    • Thanks

  6. hey roucly check out the new header 😀

  7. You revealed your personal information on the internet. that’s dangerous

    Roucky3: Mmmmmmmmm.., This isn’t Personal alot!

    • This isn”t private information

  8. i WILL shut your site down cause my dads a PC expert this is a warning SO QUIT IT

    • Don’t care

  9. Roucky guess what!!! i ************ and they said ur site will be ****************!! 😀 they will contact me when they could do it again 😀

    Roucky3: This Comment been in Edit for a Private Thing.

  10. it is

  11. Awesome site Roucky! I dont have my own site I just help with one! lol if I did have my own though I would deffinitley want you helping me!

    Roucky3: Sure, I’ll Help you Jessica.. And what’s the site that you Work on it?

  12. hey roucky if u let me be an admin of ur site ill work on ur site and make it good cuz i have pics of clubpenguin when i first started which was 2005

    Roucky3: No thanks!

  13. If a criminal finds the files for children in kuwait then they might find you by searching your age and name and they might steeal from you.

    Roucky3: Thanks to Alarm me!

  14. You are welcome

  15. can i be a admin on your blog

  16. HYE!!!!!
    i won…please mail me soon with the penguin

  17. can u come online today or tomorow…but whenever you plan to come tell me by e-mailing………..!

    Roucky3: Sure..

  18. Again i got a little surprise for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its awesome

  19. What do you use to edit you images?

  20. Message For Videl:

    Hi Videl,

    Sice i fired an author on my site for copyright, i was wondering if you would like to work for my site? if you do accept email me to:



  21. hey waht about if i just make you the back and you add the letters to it ok? cuz it easier for me

  22. cool blogs!!!!
    be my friend

  23. What Do U Use To Edit The Pics!

  24. Your next article should be a top 10 list with the benefits and cons of each one

  25. Thanks for the article. I enjoyed reading it. You have a very good blog.

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