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Roucky3 Club Penguin Series 5 And Series 6 Coin Codes Contest Members And Points

Hey Everyone! This is Roucky3 Club Penguin Series 5 and Series 6 Coin Codes Contest Members and Points! Here you can find your Points for the Contest and all the Stuff about Roucky3 Club Penguin Series 5 And Series 6 Coin Codes Contest, Here’s what can you do to get Points:

  • Go to People Site and Comment: Please go to http://roucky3.com And Comment that you know Roucky3’s Site from me.
  • Tweet in your Twitter Page: Please Follow Roucky3 at http://twitter.com/Roucky3 and please reply to @Roucky3 that you know Roucky3’s Twitter from me.

Roucky3 Contest Members And Points

  • Coolboy5681 – Points: 7
  • Nicole744Points: 10
  • Millywily – Points: 9
  • Abrcrmbie351 – Points: 12
  • Waddle1463 – Points: 6
  • Pengiu 123 – Points: 12
  • Zengrong – Points: 37
  • Donnuh – Points: 5
  • Bobonika1212 – Points: 6
  • Tommy 23456 – Points: 33
  • Pippy212 – Points 24
  • Kirby 59122 – Points 6
  • Hsm Boy22 – Points 36

Tip For Roucky3 Contest

You can get 2 Bonus Points when you Post about the Contest and tell the People to come to my Site and Comment and Follow me in Twitter. But you have to Comment that you’ve Post about Roucky3 Club Penguin Series 5 and Series 6 Coin Codes Contest in your Site with your Site address. ( Not Available)

And you can het 1 Bonus Point if you add Roucky3 Banner at http://roucky3.com/widgets to you Site and Comment back here that you’ve added Roucky3 Banner and Widget to your site with your Site address.

The Contest Ends at January 14th, 2009 And the Winner will be announce at January 15th, 2010.


28 Responses

  1. I added a banner,posted about your contest! Can i get 3 bonus points? and i called 2 people to follow u on twitter can i get 2 points and total 5 points? http://zengrongdfcheats.wordpress.com

  2. http://www.abrcrmbie351.wordpress.com
    I have posted about your contest and have added your widget to my site.

    • Thanks, You’ve already get Points for that!

  3. i entered but u didnt show me!
    and i helped u get 1 follower!

    • Thanks and You’ve already get Points for that!

  4. Dude? Why i had 1 points? I posted about this contest and added ur banner to my site! And called 2 people to follow u!

  5. I get u 2 followers. Me and xXAnniezXx.
    Thats 1 point. Annie commented as well. 2 points. I am gonna post on my site later. 4 points. I am gonna put your widget. 5 points. I am gonna get 4 more people to comment. 9 points.

  6. Dude i got you one more follower,the name is Coolddri99,he replied you!

  7. he try to send u a message but he could’n because u didn’t follow him.

  8. I posted about this contest on http://braveboy124.wordpress.com/,I hope you won’t say this is cheating,i didn’t unlock any coin code before and my country doesn’t sell cp toy,Thanks..

  9. Hey I had nine points and my friend refered me so I should have 10 now.

  10. I brought Pjtaz97 here
    I should have 10 points now.

  11. Roucky 2 more people commented and Zengrog e-mail me @ tori.hallmark@gmail.com 4 codes

  12. Zengrong brought me here give him points! 😉

  13. Roucky I got another person to follow you and they replied you they’re izjusu as in their comment. I now have 10 points. And i am getting 2 more commentors (12 points ) and followers (14 points)
    Zengrong, e_mail me at empoleon.scecptile@gmail.com and I can arrange something to get you codes. Do you also need membership? Because I can give some Series 3-6 codes that I don’t want, I already got alot of codes, this one I’m trying to win is to give away to The CP Armies.
    Roucky check out watex’s new blog @ theclubpenguincheats.com

    • I emailed you…

  14. I just got one follower for you,the name is WWow11. He is following you he tweeted about that he followed u from me! May i get 1 point?

  15. i followed you from zengrong.

  16. I posted about the contest on http://poppymeltcp.wordpress.com
    Now my points are 16

  17. Monkeycpdude from http://twitter.com/monkeycpdude replied you and say he followed u from me

  18. Me223cp from http://twitter.com/Me223cp had replied you and say he followed you from me
    My points now are 18

  19. CannonEx1800 from https://twitter.com/cannonex1800 had replied you and said he followed you from me
    My points now are 19

  20. I posted about the contest on http://bmxr11.wordpress.com so my total points now are 21,i must see my points is 21 tomorrow!

  21. i posted on http://prinplu30.wordpress.com ,i have 23 points now!

  22. i posted on http://sbdc200.wordpress.com ,i have 25 points now!

    • The Site isn’t Working.

  23. I posted on http://eroision1999.wordpress.com ,i have 27 points now!

  24. I added your banner to http://prinplu30.wordpress.com/ http://eroision1999.wordpress.com/ http://havingtrou.wordpress.com/ http://poppymeltcp.wordpress.com/ my points are 37 now!

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