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Are Rockhopper And Sensei Bros?

Well, this isn’t really a big surprise. But I think that Rockhopper and Sensei are brothers. How? Well there are lots of similar things between them, and there are differences between them. Let me tell some things about them that are kinda the same. Some differences are: Rockhopper’s hair color is black, and Sensei’s hair color is gray.  Finally, Rockhopper is a pirate, and Sensei is a sensei! What do you think? Are Sensei and Rockhopper brothers? Is it a coincidence? Is it true? Could it be?


8 Responses

  1. I never thought about it. Now that you mention it…

  2. Yeah me too! But this question have turned in my Mine!

  3. I don’t think so

    • Mmmmmmmm.. why?

  4. How can the sensei be bros with RH when i think the sensei does not come from club penguin

    Roucky3: You think?!

  5. yeah

  6. I know that!

  7. Geez your site is getting better and better! What do you use to edit?

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