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  • About Hey! Roucky3 is My Penguin in Club Penguin. I go in Club Penguin Every Day. My Favorite Club Penguin's Servers are Frozen Server and Sleet Server. I always Update my Site with the New Updates, And Sometimes if I haven’t Update my Site my Site Authors Update it! I'm a Boy. Hope you like my Site and Please Comment and let me know what do you think about my Site.
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60 Responses

  1. do you have a chat-box eg an xat

    Roucky3: No! I use my ToolBar Chat Box!

  2. hye do you have an gmail account if u have add me dear
    my add- videl9753@gmail.com

  3. i won…(i gave 350 comments on gifts colom)
    mail me soon
    please visit my blog
    waiting for a penguin’s username and password!

    Roucky3: Sure!

  4. hey roucky..can u please give me a membership today..so that i can enjoy st. Patrick’s day and also update my blog by going to leprechaun’s…please help me out!

  5. ROUCKY…remember????today am i going to have a membership??

  6. hey there i just wanted to ask that for your blog where do you get the pictures from? I use snapshot and edit them by Hypersnap6. What about you ? How do you click the pictures and edit them? please tell me so that i can do the same too…

    I use to get the Picture by clicking on Alt + Print Screen! And edit them with the Paint! They cool, Right?

  7. they are awesome!!! but when i tried the same tecnique nothing happened. so can you explian in detail please?

  8. I want the Club Penguin Font
    Reply to http://www.angel3667.wordpress.com

  9. hey i love the new header….

    Roucky3: No Problem!

  10. Hey There! I have Got Some awesome ideas and Stuffs for you…i will be giving that to ya today!

    Roucky3: Ummm.. I wonder what’s it!

  11. And Could you please tell me the font that ya described in your you tube vedio…..its very cool! Plese tell me By E-mailing!

  12. Do You Get Bored on club penguin since you had your penguin for soooooooooo long??

    Roucky3: Sometimes.. And my Penguin is 469 Days! I was playing Club Penguin for a Long Time! And I’ve Three Penguin, One of my Three Penguin is: Roucky3! He’s the Smallest one!

  13. Thanks for commenting on my site! So, how do I get the Club Penguin Font?

    Roucky3: Sure..

  14. Roucky3 plz will you be the author of my site and maintain it?
    If you are intrestedmail me i will give you the passowrd.

    Roucky3: No Problem..

  15. can you email me free member penguins?


  16. Hey Roucky3! Do you remember me? I was at fluffy’s party. Anway, I was just wondering could you e-mail me the name of the photo editor you used? It would be awesome if you could. My e-mail is davidhooban@hotmail.com .

    Thanks in advance!


  17. whats the club penguin font? thaks roucky! plz respond!

  18. hmmm hi thx for commenting on my site but i have a question

    how do u make ur widgets?

    email me the answer at monchocho@hotmail.com


  20. I wish i could help you monchocho but it is really hard to explain.

  21. hey no thx i found out how to make em and about the pics i make em with adobe photoshop cs4

  22. Hey thanks! ur site is cool also! hey ihave a question (about ur site) u know that picture that has ur name and then the pic of ur penguin? how did you do that? and do you know of any site thingy that lets you put those red boxes around certain places on pix? lol im trying to make my site more “up to date” u know what i mean? =]
    thx again!

    Roucky3: Hey! Sorry, But I Make my Pics.. And Sorry again ‘casue I don’t know a Site lets you put those Red Boxes around Certain Places on Pix.. Waddle on!

  23. hey about you working on my site roucky i was wondering that asking to my self and i say well maybe you cn have a chnace but i think u are even more famous than me soi do think you can help alot morebut the problem is that i alreday have other 3 authors so what im gonna do is this can you wait like 5 days? if on those 5 days my authors dont post ill fire them and ill make you one ok?

    cuz snoopy i dont like him or her like and author cuz he writes wrong i dont like the way he does it and i do rea;;y like drake on my site but he doesnt post that much and all he makes are polls and i like dont like polls as you know i added videl and im sure i will add yous soon all i need to do is to talk with snoopy & drake ok?

    anyways email me at pujitos2@hotmail.com im sure maybe tomorrow or sunday you will be on my site im sure abut that so dont worry you will work on my site all i requets is to send me to my email like your email on where you maked the account and thats all.

    After i talk with drake and snoopy ill tell you k? cuz i do really would like my team to be :

    You, Videl & Me

    And one more thing email me at my email the picture of you and videl player cards so i soon telll the world my new team ok? if you dont have videl as friend wel its ok ill tell her later ok


    VIDEL & ROUCKY: email me your penguins photo at pujitos2@hotmail.com or meet me on club penguin i will be all day long until 1:00 Pm Pst on snow angel, dock.

  24. How do you make your banners?
    -Akon 59, http://donk1.wordpress.com/, TNA Productions.

  25. Hi! I also have a CP cheat site, here on wordpress. it’s

    I would just like to say your site is awesome, and how do you make ur banners?

  26. Your site is totlally awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Tis is mine:



    Can I be added to your blogroll?

  27. can you help me out roucky me and my friends want to know how to type in the clubpenguin font so we could make cool banners can you tell me how i looked in your vids and it says to reply so can you plz reply here or email me at raymysterio44@gmail.com

  28. hi norton gtx here!!
    how do you get your banner for your site

    Roucky3: I maked them

  29. roucky what is the name of the clubpenguin font PLZ tell me i looked in your vids everyone I NEED TO KNOW THE FONT PLZ I CAME TO YOUR SITE TO FIND IT AND SO AS EVERYONE ELSE im not trying to be mean but in your vids it says commet on your site so some people came then commeted but you dont reply plz reply this

  30. please visite my website to enter clubpenguin it is http://bestwebgames.yolasite.com

  31. hi roucky

  32. please enter club penguin in http://bestwebgames.yolasite.com

  33. Do you have an email?

  34. tell me some codes plz ima hott chick!!!!!!!

  35. yea i do have an email!!!!


  36. hi!! i was wondering, how did u make such awesome banners? could u teach me how? email me at:
    u can let others see my email, it’s my CP email.

  37. Hey can you put me on your blogroll, ill put you on mine!

  38. Roucky3, you know it’s me from CP, Pizzazz Peni, and on WP known as Clubpengieinfo (now pizza), right? Well, if you have a CP email, want to exchange emails, so we can chat?

  39. How do you make really awesom banners and also how do you put posts on other pages on your site???

  40. How do you make a header?

  41. if u know any glitches plz tell them to me do u know any!!!???

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  43. Hi! I want to ask will you advertise my site its http://flashclubpenguincheats.blogspot.com

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  45. How do you make Hyperlinked Banners?
    Like banners you click and then go to a link?

  46. How do you embed Club Penguin SWF Files into wordpress? Comment on my website

    -Walebite, http://extremeeclubpenguincheats.wordpress.com

  47. I have website this is my code
    you can put in your blogroll if you want

  48. you can put me in your blogroll if you want
    may penguin name is Johaman

  49. how to you put a widget

  50. Very nice site!

  51. how to you put a whos.among.us widget?????????????!!

  52. are You a MEMBER For
    CP{club penguin}
    The only answer i take is Yes, No, or Was
    Thanks for Answering for Future

    • Yes, I’m Member in Club Penguin.


  54. What is your Widget making program? How do you make the backgrounds to your widgets??

  55. what theme is that u are using

  56. Hey, I was just strolling through the net, looking for some interesting sites to link with and found your site. Some interesting posts on here and some great content. Should you get time, drop by and have a look at my work and give me a comment.

  57. Hi Roucky,
    I was waondering if I could get a Series 6 for my birthday. My Birthday is in 10 Days and I am also following you on Twitter and I visit this site everyday daily

  58. Heyy guys!
    Althought im not a member im still pretty famous
    And Roucky u rock!!!!
    i really want free membership!!

    • Ummm
      Ur a weirdo Bluecoca!!
      but i like the idea of the pie pin YUYMMMMMMM
      cool website !

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