Penguin Fashions

Hello Everyone!
This page is all about Penguin Fashion! It will be for both boys and girls.Here some styles will be displayed for your penguins to wear cloths onAlso it will be updated every 3 days! So newalmost 2 new styles every week! Wow!!! So here they are:

For Boys:

1. The Sleepster:

the sleepster
2. The BandMaster:
the band master
For Girls:

1. The Star:
the star
2. The Sizzling Dimple:
the sizzling dimple
So guys how was the idea???And we’ll be hanging around Club Penguin to find the most fashionable penguinsAnd maybe the next time your penguin’s picture is up!! So search for me and Roucky3 in Frozen and maybe your penguin is the next Fashion Guide to others! Thats all for Now!! Until Then, Waddle On!



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