Hey Everyone! In this Page you can Donate if you want to Make your Future Happy! And, You can Donate this things if you have and You want to Donate.. Here’s the Things:
1. Member Ships
2. Coin Codes
3. Pay Pal
4. Penguins 
5. Card-Jitsu Codes
6. Credit On WordPress
7. Anything
And Thanks guys for Everything! If you want to Donate, Send to me a Message with the Thing that you want to Donate it, Here’s meh Email: Thanks.. Waddle on!


4 Responses

  1. what do you get when you donate???????

  2. i would donate…. but i dont got anything to donate…. LOL
    Also, if these people DO donate, what do they get?

  3. Guys, donate means to give to someone with no return gift. Think of it as this, you donate food to the poor, they don’t give you money in return… because it they had money, they would have bought their own food in the first place. When you donate, you give to someone and don’t really get anything back accept for the thought of making someone else happy.

  4. here is a coin code (Blocked By Roucky3) i love donating

    Sincerely-Big Dog 89

    Roucky3: The Code is Incorrect! Check out the Code and Comment again, Thanks

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