Question To Answer

Hey Everyone! If you have any Question that you want to ask me.. Comment me and I’m going to Write your Question here and Answer it.. You Only have to Ask me And you don’t have to Answer, I should Answer your Questions..  Like that:

1. Question: What’s your Favorite Colors?
     Roucky3: Blue, Red, Green and Black

2. Question: Are you getting tired of Club Penguin?
     Roucky3: No.. But Sometimes, Club Penguin’s kinda Bored!

3. Question: How do you get the Club Penguin Font?
     Roucky3: Sorry I can’t tell you how did I get the Club Penguin Font, But                       if you want it just Comment and I will reply to your Email.

4. Question: Is Club Penguin your favourite thing?
     Roucky3: No.. But it’s One of my Favourite things.


7 Responses

  1. Hey! What’s your Favourite Colors?

  2. My favorite colors are blue and green

    Roucky3: Cool, But in this Page you should ask me and I’m going To Answer you! Whatever, Waddle on!

  3. are you getting tired of clubpenguin ?

  4. How do u get the clubpenguin font?

  5. is club penguin your favrite thing?

  6. Hi Roucky,
    I was waondering if I could get a Series 6 for my birthday. My Birthday is in 10 Days and I am also following you on Twitter and I visit this site everyday daily

  7. What is Black otside and white inside
    a. Real Penguin
    b. Roucky3 without clothes
    c.every penguin in club Penguin
    d.Me(Johanman) without clothes

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