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Cheats And Glitches

Hello everyone! Here’s some of the Cheats And Glitches in Club Penguin, It’s might Help you Sometimes.. And please if there’re more that I haven’t post them Comment me please, Here’s Some of the Club Penguin Cheats And Glitches:

 1. Walk on Walls:
Walk on Walls is something that can’t see you when you do it! Only in the Light House.. If you want to Walk on Walls, You should have Internet Explorer 7! Then you have to Zoom 700%, And then Click where ever you want then you will see your Penguin on the Walls, Here’s some of Pics..Here’s on the Night Club Roof:2009-02-09_1502
And here’s on the Top of the Dojo:

2. To catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing:
You need to catch a Small Little Fish as Bait then when It’s comes you have to give it to it

3. Adopt a Puffle without name:
First you have to Buy a Puffle from the Puffles Store then when they Asked you to write a Name.. Don’t write anything just Click the Space Bar few Times:

Then go to your Igloo to see your Puffle that you have Adopt it from the Puffle Shop.. And when you click on it, You will find your Puffle without Name, Like that:
4. Captain Rockhopper Key:
Go to the Town then Go to the Coffee Shop And then Go To the Book Room, Click on the Library.. Then Click or Open “The Captain Rockhopper Journal” Book:
Then turned it to the Last Page.. You will see a Paper with a Key, Click on the Key and get it:
You can use it like a Pin for your Penguin, Then Go to Captain Rockhopper Quarters on his Ship on the Beach.. Then you Can enter the Captain Rockhopper Quarters And you can also Play Treasure Hunters

5. Puffles Helps
Puffles can help you with Some Games, Like Play Dance Contest with your Purple Puffle, Play Catchin’ Waves with your Red Puffle, Play Aqua Grabber with your Pink Puffle And Play DJ3K with your Yellow Puffle! And the Purple, Red, Pink and Yellow Puffles can Help you with Some Tips! So I advice you to take the Purple, Red, Pink and Yellow Puffles for the Game that they can Play it with you! Here’s a Pic of How do the Puffles helps you:


6. Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet
Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet is Gift from Rockhopper to his Fans! If you want to get the Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet, You have to Follow this Steps: First, Go to the Upstairs of the Coffee Shop.. Then, Open the book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” Book! After that, Flip and Turned it to the Last Page.. Finally, Click on the Friendship Bracelet:

And you can use this Item by put it up in your Penguin Hand!

7. Club Penguin Special Dances
Hey Everyone! Roucky3 is Posting! This isn’t a New thing, But there’s a lot of Special Dances in Club Penguin.. Here’s Club Penguin Special Dances:
1. Swim: Wear only the arm floats or duck floats and Dance
2. Whistle: Wear only the life guards whistle and Wave
3. Hula Dance: Wear only the Hawaiian lei and Dance, Works with Hawaiian lei and grass skirt too
4. Throw Pizza: Wear only the chef hat and Dance, Works with Chef Hat and Pizza Apron too
5. Pour Coffee: Wear only the coffee apron and Dance
6. Juggle: Wear only the clown wig and Dance, Works with clown wig, clown suit, and clown shoes too
7. Jackhammer: Wear only the mining helmet and Dance, Works with other construction items too
8. Ice Cream: Wear the ice cream apron and Dance, Works with ice cream apron and newspaper hat
9. Fly: Wear only the propeller cap and Dance
10. Shake Maracas: Wear only the maracas and Dance
11. Wave Red Cloth: Wear only the matador outfit and Dance
12. Play Drum: Wear only the drum sticks and Dance, Works with drums, and marching band hat too
13. Play Guitar: Wear only any guitar and Dance, Works with any guitar, and marching band hat too
14. Play Tuba: Wear only the tuba and Dance, Works with tuba and marching band hat too
15. Violin: Wear only the violin and Dance, Works with violin, and marching band hat too
16. Tours here Sign: Wear only the tour guide hat and Wave
17. Go Red Or Go Blue Sign: Wear only the red or blue face paint and Wave
18. Play Ping Pong: Wear only the ping pong paddle and Wave
19. Ring Bell: Wear only the charity bell and Wave
20. Swing Lasso: Wear only the lasso and Wave
21. Referee: Wear the referee jersey and Wave
22. Photograph: Wear the camera and Wave
23. Superhero: Wear the blue or pink superhero mask, and blue or pink superhero shirt
And that’s all for the Club Penguin Special Dances, I don’t think that there are More.. But if there are, Comment it please..

More Cheats And Glitches Coming Soon.. And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on!


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  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

    Roucky3: Thanks!

  2. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

    Roucky3: Thanks!

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    Roucky3: Thanks and Welcome!

  5. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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    Roucky3: Thanks.. And c’mon who are you? Why are you hidding you Name?

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    I really like your blog!! How do you make such a good cp blog?!?! I can’t

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  12. cool do u have any clothes codes comment me when u can

    Roucky3: Yeah I have! Keep Refreashin’ my Site, Follow me in Twitter and Sub me on Youtube to get One of the three Codes!

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  14. Please go to my site and comment! Thnx! http://1234gilop.wordpress.com/.

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