Member Ship Contest

Hey Everyone! This is the Member Ship Contest..

How To Enter The Contest 

So if you want to Register you have to use this Things:
Nick Name: Roucky3
Web Site: Http://

Copy it and Paste it in this Post Comment to Enter the Contest.

The Contest

The Contest is about that you tell the People about my Site.. Which’s means that you have to Share my Site with People!

How Do It Work

How do the Contest Work.. First you should go to Sites, Any Sites.. And then you post a Comment by telling the People to come back to my Site and say:  I know your Site from.. Roucky3. This is an Example, They should say your Name.. And if you got the Top Winner in this Page, But it should be more that 3,00o People or Comment.. And you should do this things in your Site too: Write a Big Post about me, Add me to your Blogroll, Add my Banner to Your Blog. And then you will get Free Member Ship for 1 Month.

What’s the Prizes

The Prizes will be:
The First Place, Will got a Free Member Ship for 1 Month, And Be my Buddy in Club Penguin forever And be on my Blogroll for 1 Year!
The Second Place, Will Be my Buddy in Club Penguin for 6 Month, And in my Blogroll for 2 Weeks.
The Third Place, Will be in my Blogroll for 1 Week.


Rare Penguin Contest

Hey Everyone! I know that I haven’t post in the last days! I was too Busy, However.. I will start Posting from Now! I was think to Make a Contest! And I’ve searched for a Prize, Then I’ve found my First Penguin! This is Really Rare Penguin It’s 854 Days! Here’s his Picture:
If you want this Rare Penguin, You Shuld give me: 4 Coins Codes.. Not a Books Codes, It’s a Coins Codes, If you want to give me, Send it to my Email:
And Don’t forget to Visit my Site And Comment Me! Thanks alot.. Waddle on!


17 Responses

  1. hi thanks for posting i come from lebanon
    youssef el-hout

  2. hi rouky!!!!
    if u want to get secret rooms’ pictures of club penguin then mail me!!!!

    Roucky3: Sure.

  3. my e-mail address is….
    love 2 help you..
    thanks mail me soon……

  4. Nick Name: Roucky3
    Web Site:

  5. Nick Name: Roucky3
    Web Site:
    let me enter ur contest…

  6. HIIIIIIII…….mail me soon…waiting …exited about the penguin……

    Roucky3: Sure!

  7. Nick Name: Videl
    Web Site:
    hey can i enter the contest? when will it be held?

    Roucky3: Sure.. And it’s will be Held Soon!

  8. Nick Name: Red24candy
    web site:

  9. Nick Name: Agentcrusher
    Web Site:

    I wasn’t sure what to do, LOL!!!

    Roucky3: Just write you Own Informations! I have correct it!

  10. When will the results be posted?

  11. Nick Name: Drake1313
    Web Site:

  12. thx for commenting on my site!

  13. name: billythepet
    plz lets me winner
    if im winner
    im give you beta penguin

  14. my penguin is 1094 days old and i can prove it to you if you’d like (im also member)

  15. ill join the contest and i hope i win something

  16. Name: Wickimen
    Email: srry, I’m not putting that
    Peng age: 810 or something like that
    Site: it’s already there…

  17. Heythat penguin isnt rare mine is 861

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